Thoughts vs. Feelings

Updated: Jan 13

Monitor Your Thoughts

Thoughts are subliminal fleeting energies that come and go so quickly. They are esoteric in

nature, which means they are difficult to detect. They travel through the atmosphere looking

for matching vibrations to attach themselves to. Have you ever had a thought pop into your

head and seconds later, you could not remember what it was? That is how fast they travel.

Because of their powerful effect on your thinking, they cannot be taken for granted, and since thinking itself is on-going, it too cannot be taken for granted. As a result, it becomes extremely important to pay attention to your thinking patterns as they are the manifestation and the brainchild of your thoughts, and they have a huge impact on your life.

Everything you think and feel creates a vibration to which the mind, your control center

responds by sending out messages to the Universe telling it exactly what to deliver. This is

important because the outcome of your experiences not only results from your current thinking

pattern, but also from those triggered by thoughts you may have carried over time from

previous experiences or even those of your ancestors. In other words, the way you think about yourself, your life may have been passed on to you through your ancestral line and may be patterns in your family history that you inherited through your genetically. Therefore, knowing the thought behind the thought, how far back in your history it goes might help you change the way you see yourself and how you respond to life. Altering them is likely to bring about a shift not only in your thinking, but also in how you experience life going forward. To do this, you must capture the essence of an old thought and replace it with a new one.

Monitoring your thoughts can be challenging and altering them, somewhat difficult, but not

impossible. It does require paying attention to the way you think and feel daily, as this has a

huge impact on your life. Since thoughts that have their roots in ancestral history, they are

often generational. This means that many of the things you struggle with like fear, depression, sickness, worry, doubt, even alcohol and drugs may have been passed down through your family line. Knowing their origins can go a long way in healing habits and behaviors that keep you from your destiny. One major form of thinking that is generational and often go unnoticed is poverty thinking. This is what I call a generational curse and is something you are likely to inherit from your ancestors, as was the case for me. I grew up watching my mother struggle with life. Although she made sure we had the necessities of life, money was scarce and life for her wasn’t easy. Observing this left me with the impression that life was meant to be a struggle and money, hard to come by. Though it was not her intention through such hardship, nonetheless it happened. She inherited struggle from her parents and no doubt her parents from theirs. It took a while for me to realized what was happening in my own life and why despite my best efforts, I too was experiencing the same outcome. Finally, I concluded that the only way to change this was to reach as far back as I could remember into my history to change the meaning of what I observed and experienced to solicit a new response for a different outcome.

As a rule, I do not advocate reliving your past. However, reviewing it might be necessary to give old experiences new meaning. Sometimes, you may have to go back a generation or two to identify thoughts that hold you back. Once you do, it is important not only to change them, but to remain vigilant in recognizing old thinking patterns. Each time you modify or improve thoughts, you change the outcome of your future. For me this has proven successful because I have been able to identify the why behind my experiences and energetically change them through my new and improved way of thinking. Admittedly, this may be somewhat of a challenge in the beginning. But, the more you do it, the better at it you become.

A great metaphor for understanding how thoughts affect your life is a tree. The branches are an outward expression of thoughts fed to you over time through your thinking. In other words, your thoughts provide nourishment that enables you to grow in one direction or another through you thinking. Therefore, the source of nourishment matters. A tree is dependent upon its source, the water to keep it alive and healthy. If the water is contaminated, so will be the roots, and eventually the tree. The same is true with your life. If your thinking is contaminated by thoughts passed down through your family history, then the outcomes in your life are likely to reflect those of your ancestors. Therefore, changing or modifying old thought patterns from the past, however far back will go a long way in transforming your thinking and eventually your


It’s been said that as a man thinks, so he shall become. This makes monitoring your thoughts

even more important, as they impact the outcome of your life through your thinking. Although monitoring thoughts is like trying to capture time in a bottle, unlike time it is the remembrance of them that will allow you to not only reflect, but to initiate a new and improved response for different experiences in your future. You are not bound by your past, and how your life unfolds depends on every action you take now, including monitoring and changing old outdated thoughts. Going one step further though, not only is it important to understand how your thoughts influence you thinking, but also how your thinking affects your belief in yourself, which can either move you forward or hold you back. Therefore, examining your beliefs about who you are and what you feel is possible for you is necessary for you to continue moving forward and to get from where you are to where you wish. Enjoy your journey!

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