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Life is not a single destination, but a never-ending journey. It involves experiences that got you to where you are today. Your growth is based on those experiences and your reaction to them, which allows you to move in one direction or the other. They are the catalyst for learning, and as you learn you grow and become who you are each day.

Experiences come in many forms. They always produce results. Painful ones, even though

difficult to endure, produce the most growth or cause the most change. The reasons for the

experience can vary depending on circumstance or conditions. Regardless of the cause, you

receive the knowledge you need to continue moving forward. Although, not all experiences

produce positive results, they do produce change and it is your own interpretation of them that determines your growth. Therefore, it is important not to be ashamed or embarrassed of your past experiences, but to use them to grow in the direction you wish to go.

The goal for everything you experience is to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Your experiences bring with them an energy that, like a shadow, follows you everywhere you go. It is important to know the impact they have on your everyday life. Therefore, you must pay attention to what’s going on around you, what you are attracting and how you feel about what’s coming into your life. The more discerning you are at understanding underlying energies that surround you, the better chance you have at creating more positive outcomes in your life. Unlike your shadow, the challenge with energy is that you cannot see it. The only way to know it and gain better control over it is to feel it.

We carry with us daily, a plethora of feelings that bring with them all kinds of energy; some

good and some not so good. Some hold us back and others move us forward. If you are feeling frustrated about your inability to attract what you want, then chances are you have attracted negatives energies that dominant your life. Negative as well as positive energies look for host to feed off and grow. Someone or something to keep them alive. The more positive energy you carry in you, the more likely you are to attract positive things, and the less likely you are to be a long-term host for negative energies. The more positive your energy, the more you will experience positive outcomes. However, negative energies are the opposite of positive energies and just as powerful. They are like viruses, difficult to detect and hard to overcome, and by the time you notice them, some damage is done. They are also like vampires that suck the life out of you and impede your ability to move forward. Because they are like little gremlins waiting for the opportunity to jump into your energy field and attach themselves to you, it is important to be aware of their presence, without giving them too much attention. Too much attention will make them more powerful and difficult to overcome.

The way to handle negative energies is to pivot away from them. In other words, notice them, but do not embrace them. Do not speak of them often, only enough to release their hold on you; calling the out and then letting them go. Keep in mind that negative energies bring with them forces beyond what you can handle on your own. You need something bigger and more powerful than yourself. Simply thinking positive is not the answer because negative energies have traveled through the ether picking up like forces that make them even more powerful. Therefore, the kind of power needed to release them cannot come from you alone. It requires a Higher Power. The Higher Power is the energy of good that is activated through thoughts and words of gratitude and appreciation and your ability to remain in NOW and to view it as a

present for your future.

Staying present is a conscious behavior that cuts off thinking about the past. It’s like shutting

the door to the outside world, giving you the ability to see the good in your life right now.

When thinking is cut off, negative energies that have dominated your life are also cut off. This is your opportunity to create change and allow positive things to flow your way. Also, staying in the NOW is complete surrender to a Higher Power, whatever that represents to you. It is ceremonially letting go and trusting that everything will be okay. The most difficult part of letting go is feeling powerless over your circumstances or future. On the contrary, doing so gives you power and more control over what comes in and out of your life. It closes the door to negative energies. It is a powerful mechanism. It is recognizing that you cannot catch a ghost in a room and contain or control it, so you let it go. By doing so, you take away its power over you and the affect they have on your life.

Recently, while feeling very frustrated about how my life was going, I confided to my closest

friend. I explained how my prayers seemed to go unanswered. I had been praying for some

time for specifics to show up in my life and because things seem to remain the same, I became somewhat doubtful. Her response to me was an eye opener. Over my lifetime, I’ve focused my thoughts and prayers on the well-being of those around me. Hardly ever did I ask for something for myself, so I thought. As we discussed the things I had asked for, it became clear that all my requests were answered. The problem in my thinking was that I was always praying for others and not for myself, when indeed in praying for the well-being of my loved ones, I was also praying for myself. Peace of mind has always been very important to me and the well-being of my loved ones is what gave me the biggest peace of mind throughout my life. So, indeed I got what I asked for. The problem in my thinking was that believing that the only prayers that were answered were the ones for others, which led me to believe it was futile to pray for something specifically for my own gratification. As a result, I continuously put out to the Universe that my prayers were falling on deaf ears; that they were not being answered and as a result, I noticed how difficult it was for me to experience the outcome of my desires. I was contradicting myself. I was saying one thing and believing another. I was telling the Universe to continue doing exactly what I believe. Once I realized this, I immediately changed my thinking.

When you put it out there, the Universe matches your response. My friend admonished me

how everyone of my prayers in the past had been answered because I never believed they

should or could not be. Most importantly, she helped me realize the prayers I asked, though for others benefited me as well because they have given me what I’ve asked for and that was

peace of mind. I had to change me thinking and become more aware of my blessings and show more gratitude. I had to look at the picture of my life from a different angle. My new challenge now is to use that same energy and believe it is okay to pray for specifics for myself without feeling selfish and undeserving. I have learned to see how wonderful my life really is and how my past prayers contributed to my current blessings. I now say Thank You. The more I do this, the better I feel and the more likely I am to attract the object of my new desires.

Understand that this new way of being may require a paradigm shift in your thinking, because change in anything is scary. However, it is necessary if you want to transform your life and the experiences you have. It requires stepping outsides of your comfort zone and crossing over into areas of unfamiliar territory. When you do, you will be grateful that you did. To cross over, there is an area you must enter called The Void, a point of transition from one part of your thinking into another, leaving old negative energies behind and moving toward new positive ones. In essence, you are changing your association. In doing so, for a short time you may feel uncomfortable. But having made the decision to leave old thoughts and energies that hold you back will enable you to move forward in your journey from where you are to where you wish to be. Step into The Void.

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