Responsibility and Ownership

Updated: Mar 10

Responsibility and Ownership

When it comes to being down, someone may be responsible for causing you to stumble, but

you are responsible for whether you stay down or whether you lift yourself up. Getting knocked down is a part of life and meant to be temporary. Staying down is a choice. It is quitting and giving up on yourself. It gives you an excuse to blame others for where you are, especially if it isn’t where you wish to be. No doubt there may be extenuating circumstances that might have contributed to your current situation, and perhaps some of it was out of your control. However, if you are going to make changes in your life, the first thing you must do is take responsibility.

Responsibility is grown up decision, and when it comes to creating the life you want, ownership is required. This means deciding who you are and who you wish to be. Blaming others is dead-end. It gives you an excuse to carry the victim “woe is me” title. Playing the victim is disempowering, causing you to surrender your ability to change your circumstances. You become feeble and difficult to be around. The bottom line is that unless you are willing to accept the role you play in your own life; everything remains the same. In other words, it is up to you to decide if where you are is where you wish to be. If not, then it is time for change.

For change to occur, you must see yourself as the master of your own destiny, which means

you are the one in control. This does not minimize the role the Creator or Higher Powers may

play in your life. It just means you can now tap into them as a source of strength to ignite the

powers you have within such as wisdom, courage, determination, faith, vision, desire, and

prayer, all of which enables you to get up and get going with your life. These powers are always available to you at any time. These powers are what makes you an unstoppable force in your own life, regardless of your circumstances. These are the gifts you have been given to

overcome difficult situations. Acknowledging them indicates that you are ready to take

ownership, and signals the Universe to work on your behalf, which thus enables you to change your life. Otherwise, your gifts lay dormant and so does the power you have within.

It is true that change may seem more difficult for some than for others. Perhaps your

circumstances have caused you to develop a serious case of “The Doubt”, which restricts your ability to move forward. Doubt is a disease of the mind. It weakens you and causes you feel discouraged, even hopeless. If allowed to grow, it becomes a dominant force in your life,

affecting your thinking and rendering you powerless. However, the opposite of doubt is faith,

an immensely powerful tool in your arsenal. When activated, it is impossible to subdue. It is a

weapon that can transform negative situations into more positive ones. It is also a defense

against negative thought patterns that can infiltrate your thinking, causing you to concede to

doubt, fear and worry. Therefore, vigilance is required. In other words, not only paying

attention to what goes on in your thoughts but taking responsibility for them.

Once you view your life as your responsibility, you empower yourself to make changes, and to take control over your circumstances. You become the gatekeeper of your thoughts. You no longer blame others for where you are regardless of how you got there. You let go of the “woe is me” attitude and take on the warrior mindset. Even though at times you may and stumbled into doubt, or tripped over fear, because of your vigilance you remain in a state of awareness where you do not get stuck.

I read a story about the man behind the most magical place on earth. Throughout his life, he

faced rejection, disappointment, failure and even bankruptcy. He was poor to begin with, and eventually he became a high school dropout. He was fired from one of his first jobs because the newspaper company he worked for felt he lacked imagination. Due to his poor business acumen, he also experienced multiple business failures including bankruptcy. This did not deter him. One day, while on a train home from a very humiliating business meeting where he had just lost the rights to one of his most valuable pieces of work, he was faced with an important decision, to give up or get inspired. Determined not to allow anger and defeat define him, he chose instead to channel his energy into creating the most beloved character know the world over, Mickey Mouse. As the gatekeeper of his thoughts, Walt Disney felt it was his responsibility to overcome his situation and not allow doubt to take up residence in his thinking. As a result, he also went on to create Disney World, the most magical place on earth.

As the gatekeeper, you have control over what comes and goes in your life and what you allow into your thoughts. You get to exercise your God given powers, and by doing so, you create change. Although you are not powerless, you must be careful not to underestimate the power of negative thinking, which can derail you at any time. These energies lay in wait ready to take up infiltrate your thinking and to create problems in your life. Again, vigilance is important. Consistently monitoring your thoughts and the beliefs you have will keep you moving forward.

Life is filled with metaphors to help you understand the responsibility you have for your life. For example, if your body gets sick and you do nothing about it, nothing changes. The same is true with your life. If it is not what you want it to be and you do nothing about it, you cannot expect things to change. You have the power to transform your life regardless of where you are right now. The all-important first steps are ownership and responsibility. By doing so you now activate the forces of the Universe to join you in creating change. You now can expect new outcomes and new experiences that match your new way of thinking. However, it is important that you monitor your thoughts, as they have a way of slowing your down if you are not aware of them. Being aware of what they are will keep you moving forward on your journey, and help you get from where you are to where you wish to be. Enjoy your journey!

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