YES – It is true! You are a Magnificent Creator which means you have power. You can bring to yourself whatever you desire and reject that which you do not want. For this reason, it is important to know when you are in the creative process and what it is you are calling into your experience. Learning this will make all the difference in how your life unfolds.

You were born with a magic wand inside of you, a genie of sorts that has been with you from the day you arrive at this life experience. The Bible states at Genesis 1:27 that man was made in the image of God. If this is true, and it is, that means you possess the same attributes, qualities, and abilities as do the one who created you. After all, is not that what is meant by being created in someone’s image, that you personify them, reflect their attributes, and is equipped with talents and gifts passed down to you from them. Therefore, if God is the most powerful, then that means you, being a direct reflection of HIM/HER are also powerful. It also means that you can influence any condition not to your liking and change it for the better, if only you knew how.


First step to changing anything is to own it, because regardless of what happened or how you feel about it, it is now your problem. Owning them means you take control of them and your future, and once you own them, you can choose how they will affect your life. Like shadows on a wall, problems are only as big as you make them, and not knowing that you have what it takes to overcome them makes them seem overwhelming.


Life is a journey and as with any journey, there are challenges to be had. If you were traveling from one side of the globe to the other, you are bound to experience obstacles or conditions that might slow you down. Some may even make you want to give up. Whether you succeed or not will depend on you. Keeping focused on where you are going will enable you to leave the problems behind. This doesn’t always mean that they will go away, it just means that you outgrow them, or you move away from them. While some seemingly random things may happen, how you respond is what will affect the outcome. For example, if you were walking on a trail and suddenly tripped and fell to the ground, you would immediately try to get up. Life is filled with obstacles that may make you stumble but learning how to respond will help you rise above them. Having had to overcome many obstacles in my own life led me to want to show others how they can do the same. Life is not perfect, but we are perfectly made, which means we are perfect for any challenge that comes our way. It all begins with your thinking. Thoughts are like little gremlins that float around in the ether of the Universe, waiting to be called into existence by the energy you put out. However, alone they cannot affect your life one way or the other. Just like the saying goes, there is strength in numbers, so is the case with your thoughts. The more you think about something, the more energy you attach to it and the more real it becomes. The Secret to the Secret is learning how to use the power you have within, by aligning it with other energies that will influence any outcome in your life into a direction to speaks to who you are.


It is time to become inspired.